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Noon, Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Value Added Proposition for Food Grade and Specialty Grains 


Wyatt Muse
Clarkson Grain Company

The Value Added Proposition for Food Grade and Specialty Grains including Organics: Opportunities for Farmers, Distributors, and Processors.

Wyatt Muse is the merchant from Clarkson Grain who specializes in specialty and organic commodities. The discussion will focus on the issues around production, supply, demand and distribution of specialty and organic commodities and how it is changing over the next few years.
Identity Preserved (IP) grains are contracted for specific uses including food grade, animal feed, and industrial uses.  Variety specific production can result in higher margins for farmers as well as improved process efficiency for end users.  Central Illinois is a hotbed of IP production due to the rich soil and proximity to markets via railroads, river system, and container exports.


Champaign County
Economic Development Corporation
1817 S. Neil Street, Suite
Champaign, IL  61820

Note:  This month is a bring your own lunch event.


CCNet will foster collaboration around leadership opportunities for Champaign County. The current topic that creates an opportunity for competitive differentiation is sustainability. This opportunity enables us to attract and retain innovative ideas, products and people, and it will attract external financial resources in the form of federal funds, research dollars and new corporate investments.